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Patarei Vangla, Tallinn Prison - 10415 Tallinn, Estonia - Rated 4.4 based on 368 Reviews "Creepy, sad and fascinating. I visited a few years ago with my
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The exhibition area covers nearly 1,200 square meters in the eastern wing of the prison, where you can see the original interior and prison yard. Patarei fortress in Tallinn, part of European architectural heritage, is a Classical defensive structure that has retained its stylistic purity.
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The walk-way starts next to the Tallinn harbour passes the Creative Hub (Kultuurikatel), continues past the historic Patarei Prison and Sea Fortress, the regions biggest sea centre Seaplane Harbour (Lennusadam) and ends at the end of Kalamaja park on Tööstuse street.
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Patarei fortress-prison is a culture park with rich history, providing various opportunities to spend your leisure time. Discover Patarei on a guided tour or organise your own event in Patarei with an option to order prison-catering for your event more Suggested duration: 1-2 hours Kalaranna 28 Vesilennuki 2-4, Tallinn 10415, Estonia
Patarei Prison: Tour Through An Abandoned Soviet Gulag
In 1828 Nicholas I of Russia mandated the building of the sea fortress of Patarei in Tallinn to protect the sailing route to St. Petersburg, the capital of the Russian empire. It was completed in 1840. Over the years it has had different functions. In 1867 the complex functioned as military barracks and from 1919 until 2004 as a prison.
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Patarei Prison is about a 15 minute walk from Old Town Tallinn. It’s fairly easy to find, though immediately upon entry, it won’t be clear where you should go. If you head to the right as you enter the main gate, you’ll be able to wander around a bit of the outside of some of the outer buildings of the complex that are not open to the public.
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Patarei prison is one of the hundreds of places around the world where communist regimes imprisoned, tortured and murdered innocent people for ideological reasons. As such, Patarei is part of the story of mankind and a convincing revealer of the true nature of communist government and mentality.
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The origins of Tallinn Prison date back to 1919 when Patarei Sea Fortress was transformed into a prison. As by 2000 the facility, later named the Central Prison, had become obsolete, in 2003 the institution relocated to a prison facility on Magasini Street (the facility was established on the premises of a POW camp which operated in 1944 – 1949).
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KGB prison cells Tallinn. If you are a history nut are into the history of the kgb or just like some enlightenment this is a good place to visit. The prison cells were reopened in the early 2000’s and …