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The most common booking on the Tallinn Helsinki route is a car and 2 passengers. Tallinn Helsinki Ferry reviews "Great experience with tallink Star." Traveled to Helsinki and back on a day trip. ship extremely efficient, punctual, clean and the staff very helpful and welcoming.

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The Local’s Guide to the Helsinki Tallinn Ferry. So, the Helsinki Tallinn ferry is a mass sport. The facilities on board are practical, safe, and nice but not glamorous.

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Find and book easily one way and return trips between Tallinn and Helsinki on our web site. Check out the convenient car packages if you are travelling with a car. Hotel Package are a good choice for longer stays. For fast enjoyment book a Daycruise. Traveling with Eckerö Line is fast and comfortable.

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Join Scandi Travel for a fabulous Helsinki to Tallinn day trip, with a luxury cruise on the Silja Line Helsinki Tallinn Ferry link. Just two hours across the enchanting Baltic Sea, you will discover the delights of one of Europe’s most historic cities, with one day in Tallinn.

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¹ On the last departure from Tallinn to Helsinki at 22.15 is only loaded self rolling cargo and passengers. * No cargo or passegers are taken on board the departure 01.00 from Helsinki to …

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Tallinn and Helsinki are two capitals with only 80 kilometres (50 miles) of Baltic Sea and a two-hour ferry ride between them. The cities form a unique twin capital, sometimes referred to as Talsinki. The cities are linked with a practically non-stop ferry connection from early in the morning until late in the evening.

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All vessels sailing under the brands of Tallink and Silja Line have the high level international environmental management certificate ISO 14001:2015 issued by Lloyds Register.

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We took the Lindaline express ferry from Tallinn to Helsinki and back in June, 2013.This line is supposed to be the fastest, only 1 hour 40 min each way. However, I read somewhere that during bad weather, Lindaline is the first to cancel. We figured June is …

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Visit Helsinki and Tallinn with fast ferries Megastar and Star in two hours. Up to six daily departures all year round.

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Tutvu Tallinna–Helsingi liini sõidugraafikuga. Liini teenindavad Tallink Shuttlei kiirlaevad Star ja Megastar ning kruiisilaev Silja Europa.

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Tallinn and Helsinki are two capitals with only a two-hour ferry ride between them. To help you easily explore the two capitals in one trip, we have compiled a list of practical tips and top sights both for Tallinn and Helsinki. All aboard!

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In 2011 Copterline started again operating the Tallinn – Helsinki flights. In 2016, Copterline OÜ filed for bankruptcy and there are no scheduled helicopter flights from Tallinn. Ferry. The port of Tallinn is one of the busiest cruise and passenger harbours in Northern Europe with over 10 million people passing through in 2016.

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Tallink Silja is well-known for hosting an excellent choice of on-board shopping facilities and is the only shipping company to regularly feature in the world’s top 10 tax-free sellers, a list usually reserved for the world’s largest airports.

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Finbo Cargo by Eckerö Line offers an economical crossing for car travellers on Tallinn-Helsinki route. Finbo Cargo departures from Muuga harbour in Tallinn and arrives in Vuosaari harbour in Helsinki. Avoid the traffic jams in city centers and book tickets now.

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The Helsinki to Tallinn Tunnel, also called the Talsinki tunnel is a proposed rail undersea tunnel that would span the Gulf of Finland and connect the Finnish and Estonian capitals - a …